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Welcome to New Harmony!

Why Attend Counselling?

  • Because we all have times when we need a little help finding our path.
  • Life is like that. Sometimes we hit a bump in the road that throws us off course. Sometimes it feels like the road is disintegrating right under our feet. Other times we can see the road far off in the distance, but it seems like it is a long way from where we are, with no clear path to get there. We feel lost in the woods, or stuck in a ditch.
  • Although making the decision to get counselling can be difficult, it may be the most important decision you make for your personal growth and mental health. 
  • A good counsellor will accompany you in the search to find your path and regain your footing.
  • When your problems seem overwhelming, counselling offers you a new perspective and tools and techniques for overcoming challenges. 
  • A counsellor assists by…
  • listening attentively to your worries and fears 
  •  helping you cope with your emotions
  • encouraging you to find your resilience
  • guiding you to learn new skills for living in relationships
  • teaching you to tell your story in new and healthier ways
  • I would be honoured to walk your path with you!

Treatment Goals


    At New Harmony Counselling Services in Pembroke , clients set their own goals for therapy. You know best what you need and what level of commitment you are willing to make to your recovery. My role is to help you become aware of your inner strengths, to help you imagine a path to healing, to help you learn new skills for coping, and to customize a treatment plan so that you can work towards achieving your own goals.  The quality of the relationship we are able to build together will greatly impact the quality of your results, so please talk to me about any concerns that you have about our work together or our therapeutic relationship. Comments, concerns and/or requests are most welcome. 

My Treatment Promise



  • I know that our time together has the potential to be an incredible time of transformation for you, and so I promise that I will bring my best effort and skill to each therapy session with you. I promise to be there for you on every step of your journey. I promise to treat you with…
  •  caring
  •  compassion
  •  respect
  •  honesty
  •  confidentiality


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